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Castles in the Sky — The Atavist Magazine

While renovating a house in San Francisco, a couple discovered a diary, hidden away for more than a century. It held a love story—and a mystery. 8,717 more words

Castles in the Sky — The Atavist Magazine


What are blood moons? Do they coincide with periods of monumental change affecting both Israel and the world. Could the blood moons signal the end of the world as we know it?

Suprisingly, the phrase “blood moons” does not appear at all in the KJV Bible. The three places in Scripture where our closes celestial neighbor turns into the color red is Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20 (which quotes Joel) and Revelation 6:12.

We need to cover a few brief definitions as we start our study. These special appearances of the moon are referred to as the blood moon tetrad. A tetrad is a series of four consecutive total eclipses of the lunar surface. Tetrads are relatively rare occurrences. While none occurred from 1582 to 1908 A.D., seventeen total have and will take place from 1909 to 2156 A.D.

A lunar eclipse is the obscuring of the moon’s light (which is a reflection of the sun’s rays hitting it) due to the earth passing between it and the sun. A solar eclipse, on the other hand, is the obscuring of the sun’s light due to the moon passing between it and the earth.

Would-be prophets have placed a significant amount of emphasis on the belief that each of the four lunar eclipses in the tetrad, which ‘should’ produce blood moons, always fall within God’s annual Feast Days. Is this true?

The first total lunar eclipse of a year 2014 – 2015 tetrad did indeed occur within one of God’s Feast Days. It fell from 7:06 to 8:24 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) on April 15th, the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

The second total eclipse, according to NASA, began at 10:25 UTC (6:25 a.m. EDT) and ended at 11:24 UTC (7:24 a.m. EDT) on October 8, 2014. It occured almost twelve hours before the official beginning of God’s annual Holy Day period known as the Feast of Tabernacles, which began at sunset on the same day! All Biblical days begin and end at sunset.

Anyone who states all four eclipses in the tetrad that produce the blood moons occurred within God’s annual Holy Days do not know what they are talking about!

The third lunar eclipse that took place on April 4, 2015 placed it within God’s annual Spring Holy Days. The last eclipse in the series happened on September 28, 2015, placing it also just within the Fall Holy Day Season.

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