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Guardian Archangel Uriel

Uriel is known as the “Angel of Light”. Uriel is the truth bringer in this world and shines a light during our darkest times, Uriel is the angel to call upon when all seems lost. Archangel Uriel helps direct our mental energy, while inspiring new thoughts and ideas within us. And helps us to be clearer about our judgements and insights. Uriel helps transform those with lower vibrational energies and ignites the light within them so they have a more spiritual understanding. He brings out truth and clarity in all situations and inspires wisdom within people. Uriel is known for revealing one’s immortality in this universe.

What Archangel Uriel Has To Say

Archangel Uriel says that you’re a peacemaker… You have a strong intuition, and your greatest strength is your spirituality… Many people try and live life by making things happen through physical action. But your reliance on spirit accelerates your results compared to others. You win your wars and battles through gentle persuasion. You are able to conquer the hearts of many without having to lift a finger because of your magnetic charm. As you gain more knowledge in an area, people naturally look to you as a counselor. You pay great attention to detail, and you have world class observational skills. Your mind is very analytic at times, and you at professions that need that type of talent. Your intuition is extraordinary, you have the great ability to read people instantly and if you begin to develop your psychic abilities. They’ll become second nature to you very quickly. Common sense is one of your gifts, and shouldn’t be taken for granted, because not very many people can grasp this concept as well as you. You must use your wisdom to guide and help others when requested. Solving problems quickly is in your nature. You are a fast thinker and quick on your feet when you need to be. You are a powerful creator and you possess the hidden ability to move mountains in life, and accomplish tasks that many think of as impossible. But being great isn’t about being perfect. Being great is about recognizing your weaknesses and becoming better because of them…

You have a tendency to hold negativity inside you. And it’s difficult for you to simply let go of things, yet by keeping things in, it eats away at your energy. Sometimes leaving you diminished. Figuring out how to let things go will be a major turning point for you… Fears and phobias steal the majority of your focus at times, to the point where they consume all of your attention. Too much focus on your fears can give them enough momentum to where they come true. Lighten up more and try to tune yourself into reality and the light instead. At times you tend to be indecisive because you’re able to see the positives and the negatives equally in all things. This can create a lot of setbacks for you and stall your progression in life. By tuning into your intuition, you can break free from the mental fog of indecisiveness for good. There are also mental barriers within you that keep you from communicating with the outside world, this can result in your shyness. And by choosing to remain a shy person, you may block out many opportunities that are coming your way. If you choose to follow your life’s purpose, one day you’ll provide enormous inspiration to the world through conquering huge odds. Overall, you have much great potential that is awaiting to surface, and with the right guidance you can easily unleash the potential that has been within you since the day you were born…

You have a very strong duty on this Earth, and you were meant to work with Archangel Uriel very closely. Deep within your soul, something great is waiting to blossom within you. Once you fully connect with your Guardian Angel, you’ll discover what exactly is awaiting you. And discover a greater destiny that is ready to unfold. When you make this strong connection with Archangel Uriel, you’ll discover your life’s purpose, your natural talents, and your untapped abilities…


Published by Jupiterfire369

“I will never stop learning. I won’t just work on things that are assigned to me. no matter how far away the goal is, the only way to get there is by putting one foot in front of another every day.”

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